Armor - Don Quixote (type)

Originally circa 15th / 16th century.
This is the real thing ,This Armor is two foot tall hand formed in Portugal ,
over 100 years ago, I have had this Armor for 40 years.
I saw  the same Armor in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Even the carved wooden head looks like Don Quixote.
It is in pristine condition for his age and an impressive, unique , Armor .  

$2,000.00 plus shipping





Louis XV style Sofa "Canape"  
ca. 1900, Provenance: France

I have treasured this settee for about 40 years... The striped  damask fabric was the
 best as you can see.. 6 1/2 yards at $100.00 per yard. and you can see this settee is in
pristine condition. It always was displayed in a place so the sunlight would not shine on it..
 I have seen a settee exactly like mine in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. I think
my settee could be of museum quality.  

asking $6,950.00  plus shipping


Frederic RemingtonFrederic Remington

Frederic Remington

Frederic  Remington   Bronco Buster  

I purchased the Bronco Buster 26 years ago. It has been  a source of pride and pleasure for all
these years, as you can see  this is a great example , if you look at the detail.
some  bronzes are copies of copies and they loose much detail.

This Remington look like it was poured in the  original mold. I have added some of the pictures of
Presidents with  the Frederic Remington Bronco Buster in the oval office in the White  house.
Frederic Remington
presented his Bronco  Buster as a gift to President Theodore Roosevelt.

it is  65  pounds of bronze with a green marble base, and 23 inches  tall.

only: $2000.00 plus shipping


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