King Tut sculptureKing Tut sculpture

King Tut sculptureKing Tut sculpture


Boy King TUT as Horus throwing a harpoon.

finished with 22ct Gold leaf.

$800.00  plus shipping



Egyptian QueenEgyptian Queen

(Both photos of the same piece, just diffrent background colors)

Splendors of Ancient Egypt
Queen Arsinoe II

Ptolemaic Period, 300- 100 B.C.
I saw the original relief at the Exhibit in St. Petersburg,
International Art Museum of Florida.

The Queen in this relief mystified me ,This relief represents one of the great queens
of the Ptolemaic Period, Arsinoe I I , who was a strong minded and influential
ruler with her brother/husband Ptolemy I I. She wears a unique vulture
headdress and is shown shaking a sistrum, or rattle, with a cow's head of goddess Hathor.
This relief was probably made after her death when she had been made a
goddess and was called " daughter of the God Amun."

 I spent some time studying the original piece so I could reproduce this for myself.
I am fascinated with Egyptian Art and have made several copies most just for my
own enjoyment. all that I have made were from seeing the originals.

I have been to the Louvre Museum many times ..I tried to replicate
the finish( limestone ) and the color of the original.

I would ship this piece mounted on a black velvet background,
with a simple black frame . this piece looks great just mounted directly
on a white wall also..

This piece you see in the photo is a copy which I molded from the original work,
in a silicon rubber mold and it looks exact like the original. Even after the molding process I  
still must do the final patina to give it that original look..

$200.00 plus shipping
12 X 13, framed 18 X 24 about 8 pounds


Goddess Sereket sculptureGoddess Sereket sculptureGoddess Sereket sculpture

Goddess Sereket sculptureGoddess Sereket sculpture


Guarding the Shrine of the mummified viscera of King TUT,
the original Gold shrine has four sides.  there is a Goddesses on each side guarding .
I have copied the hieroglyphic from research as close to the original shrine as possible.
Inside the original shrine was a jar with the kings organs preserved.

This creation is finished with 22 ct gold leaf.  

$1000.00 plus shipping.


egyption sculptureegyptian sculpture

egyptian sculptureegyptian sculpture

The Mourning IRIS

3,000  B.C.E. IRIS is mourning her husband and sons death,
it was customary at this Egyptian time for a woman to paint
her nude breast white when in mourning.  

$600.00 plus shipping


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