Phil Hill HorsePhil Hill Signature

Phil Hill Magazine cover

Dancing Horse

Original is pen & Ink on parchment Paper. This is signed by Michael Costanzo, Artist, and has been signed by "Phil Hill" with red ink...He signed three copies of my drawing , when he was at the "L'Famiglia Alfa Romeo" National convention in Baltimore Maryland, as guest speaker on July13-18,1993.

I have a photo of him at the event and a photo of my Ferrari Art display  where Phil signed my drawings, at the Hotel. I will give copies of these photos along with a key fob,which was given at the event with Phil Hills signature printed on it. selling two of the originals for $400.00 each and selling the Lazar  copies for $100.00 each with photos only. the Parchment lazar copies look very much like the original and they are framed , in a simple 18X24 frame with a black matt.... shipping extra.


Icon of MaryIcon of Mary

Icon of MARY

Greek style, gesso and painted on wood. covered with 22ct. gold leaf.
Frame is gold leafed and has a burgundy velvet inlay.
This is the original creation.

$1,800.00 plus shipping.


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